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Website Launch!

Today, we launch our website & feel like an (almost) official business! This has been a work in progress, and it's wonderful to see it come to fruition. The branding project began a few weeks ago, but the furniture project began 11 years ago! I refinished my first piece of furniture in the living room of my apartment in the spring of 2008 during my freshman year of college, and I've learned so much since then. Working on furniture projects on and off throughout the years, moving from jewelry making to collages and canvas painting, I've circled back to furniture and home decor and plan to stay right here for a while.

Not only does my passion come from wanting to make beautiful things, but a major source of the fire inside of me to do this is to reduce waste and keep these beautiful pieces of furniture out of our landfills. By giving them new life, I strive to keep these pieces around for many years to come, filling homes with beautiful and unique pieces of home decor.

In this blog area of the website, you'll be able to find a lot of different ways my family and I work to do our part in protecting Mother Earth through different all natural recipes for cleaning products we use in our home, our homemade dog food recipe and tips and tricks to live a green(er) life! Check in to see all of the things that Zach, Snoop, Mogli & I have to offer!

A big shout out to Leah King at Leah B. Photography for creating logos, taking amazing photographs & putting this website together! I'd still be trying to figure out how to get a domain name if it weren't for her.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey! Please never hesitate to inquire about custom work & send pictures of our products in your home!

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