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Custom Kitchen Set

Over the past few days I finally had time to complete a kitchen set project I started about a month ago. I have previously turned two night stands into play stovetops/sinks with oven space below, but the challenge this time was to create a refrigerator too!

I was nervous about the project because I haven’t created one before, and didn’t know where to start without a piece to refinish. I figured I would have to build one from scratch, given a deadline as the child’s birthday was fast approaching. I’m happy to report though, that I was able to upcycle a cabinet that I found curbside! I made a U-turn on Lake Ave a few weeks ago as I had seen something that looked promising on the side of the road. It was a cabinet with a glass door, no top, and lawn clippings all over it. The perfect piece for my “refrigerator”!

My client wanted a piece that would seamlessly fit into her decor, so I painted my pieces black & stained the top of the nightstand & the pieces that I created to fit the cabinet. I added several adorable details to make this the perfect kitchen set, such as a timer, a light for the refrigerator, a chalkboard side, a wire shelf & door baskets, knobs, a sink, and utensil hooks. I’m absolutely in love with this project!

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